Science Adventures:
A small collection of images that represent years of dreams and things I was finally able to give myself

Periodically updated. All images © Rose DF

The infamous Vehicle Assembly Building aka the "VAB"

This was probably one of the best days of my life, never in a million years I could've imagined I would get into that building. Dream come true.


I took way too many pictures at JPL, I only wish I had my "good" camera when I went. I only had my phone.

SpaceX Complex

I couldn't go inside that day, but it didn't make the visit any less memorable.


The most meaningful part of this trip for me, standing on that painted triangle inside the VAB. Space shuttles used to hang over that mark, from the ceiling. I cried.

Space Shuttle roadtrip

This was the first time I saw one of the space shuttles in person, after years of dreaming about them.

Space Shuttle Atlantis

Visiting all the remaining space shuttles, it's an old promise I made to myself.

Space Shuttle Discovery

James S. McDonnell Space Hangar in DC (I was there until they closed, empty and quiet, lots of crying. Dream come true)


How are they so beautiful?

Astronaut Mike Massimino

Meeting Massimino, who happens to be one of my favorite astronauts of all time.

Astronaut Peggy

Panel with Astronaut Peggy A. Whitson. Got to meet her after that, amazing woman.

Griffith Observatory

After a nice visit to the Griffith in CA, I climbed the mountain behind it to wait for the sunset.


Waiting inside the NASA TV facility in Florida, for the briefing on the cargo launch and the experiments that will go up with it.

SpaceX CRS -18 rocket on the day of launch

SpaceX CRS-18 cargo mission. I waited a whole week in Fl, and the weather kept delaying the launch.

Friends and Shuttles

Spending time in CA with friends Kathy and Beth Kerner, and Dr. Tanya Harrison.

Mars2020 Rover

I can't believe I saw this when it was being put together, and now the rover is on Mars.


Visiting the life-size model of the Cassini spacecraft in CA.

Clean Room at JPL

People at JPL have a fantastic sense of humor, took me a while to notice this was not a real person.


Watching some space action at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Kennedy Space Center

I have a thing for engines and boosters, don't ask.

Artemis launch site

Artemis site in Florida

Intrepid Museum

After a full day at the Intrepid listening to NASA panels.


Meeting my new boyfriend, at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Older Astronaut suit

These older astronaut suit prototypes were something else.

Hayden Planetarium NYC

This is just like my own backyard, I go hide inside the Hayden Planetarium a lot.


Spending some time where the magic happens. Mission Control / Jet Propulsion Laboratory CA

You cannot go to JPL and not photograph the "Dare Mighty Things" wall. That's the rule.

Mission Control in Fl